Our Team

Managing Director

Gavan Chapman

Gavan is the Founder and Managing Director of VIGYR, implementing relationship management systems that align with his strong family values. As an innovator and entrepreneur at heart, he is known for developing world-class ideas and processes that redefine industry norms. With an unprecedented desire to see others succeed, a strong history in the fitness industry, and his extensive business expertise – you’ll find Gavan selflessly mentoring and consulting with clients on the regular. His willingness to help others grow, stems beyond personal interactions – shaping the entire vision, mission and purpose of this company.

Gavan Chapman
Katrina Chapman

Administrative Manager

Katrina Chapman

Katrina is the Co-Founder and Administrative Manager of VIGYR, developing detailed support and administrative processes that help to drive business growth opportunities for clients. As an expert in her field and a Mother of two, she has a strong desire to see others reach their full potential. You’ll find Katrina innovating all internal services, focusing on ideas, people, and processes.



Our Senior Team

Amber Kersten2
Amber Kersten
Customer Service Manager

Amber acts as a leading expert in her field, developing and maintaining positive long-term client relationships that nurture mutual growth and prosperity. Through consistent communication, training and support she helps provide unmatched results for all business partners.

Jacob is an expert in business development, specialising in the feasible, tactful, and strategic implementation of innovative marketing and sales processes. Through his dedication to define how the world ‘could’ work – he delivers long-term value creation strategies that grow businesses, build marketplaces, and nurture key stakeholder groups.

Jacob Pratt 2
Jacob Pratt
Head of Marketing
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