Gym Management Software by VIGYR
Leading Gym Management Software that comes with everything you’ll ever need to build a fitter business! Join now for as low as $0 Per Month!

Deliver Results At Peak Times

Say hello to complete process optimisation across an innovative suite of powerful features, personal support and business growth resources that redefine what to expect from a gym management software. Starting at just $0 per month for Enterprise Plus Partners and equipped with the ability to replace all costly integrations, VIGYR truly is the only system your fitness business needs.


From the moment queues form and pressure builds, Count on VIGYR to deliver at peak times, every time. We’ll be there when you need us most.

Online Member Sign-On

  • Powerful Business Branding Tools
  • Customisable Terms and Agreements
  • Personalised Member Sign-On Forms

24/7 Security Integration

  • Real-Time No Pay – No Entry
  • Third Party Security Integrations
  • Complete Security Access Control

Active Multitasking Tabs

  • Active Information Fields
  • Lightning Fast Multitasking
  • Peak Hour Management

Integrated Direct Debit Service

  • Save Thousands In An Instant
  • Take Back Control Of Your Data
  • Complete Software Integration
VIGYR Gym Software Pricing - 0 Per month


VIGYR is about so much more than simply managing a club… In fact, our very foundations are based on the vision to enable the fitness industry to build healthier, happier, and more inclusive communities around the globe. Partnering with VIGYR gets you more than just the world’s premier gym software. It gets you exclusive access to a powerful network proven to build fitness empires.

Empowering Clubs Both Big And Small

Gym Management Software
Direct Debit Services
Growth Resources
Training And Support

VIGYR partners with the industry’s best fitness resource providers to deliver a completely streamlined business experience. Make the switch today and experience the benefits of our incredibly powerful network.

Member Management Software | Direct Debiting | Gym Hardware | Barcode Tags | Security Access Tags

Experience a new era of gym ownership when you partner and completely integrate with VIGYR. Access the world’s premier fitness software at the lowest price of any comparable system and save thousands on access tags, hardware, and debiting.

We provide the industries leading gym services and resources at wholesale prices.

The VIGYR team is completely family owned and operated, giving you access to real people and real results. A partnership with VIGYR is not a corporate transaction, but a relationship with industry experts who have your best interests at heart. Don’t just join VIGYR, Join us!

VIGYR operates exclusively to provide mutual growth and prosperity for all partners. When you succeed, we do too!


Take advantage of our premium suite of free business growth resources; created, designed and optimised for the fitness industry. You’ll find valuable online content built by a world-leading team of experts. Access resources that are proven to help build a fitter business, today!

It’s my conservative estimate that your VIGYR Software has increased our fitness centre’s productivity 25%. I would highly recommend your software to any health / fitness organization looking to move into the future and increase their profits.
Oklohoma, USA


Join the VIGYR Team and discover what’s driving the future of the fitness industry

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